Blockchain on a whole new level with the CREDITS platform

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In the era of Internet innovations, our priority is to obtain information from various quickly updated sources. Financial blogs and start-up sites became the right side of the market for many investors and users of the financial sector. The modern financial industry needs direct integration of users with central hardware and decentralization of financial services. Transactions’ internet sites need to strengthen the protection and reduce the time for conducting all kinds of operations on assets. These innovations will ensure the availability of financial actions and personal protection for each user. A lot of released crypto-projects faced with the problem of slow transactions speed and expensive fees. This is absolutely not what we all expect from such a revolutionary asset as the cryptocurrency.

With the technological platform based on a new blockchain scheme, CREDITS team aims to solve these problems. Due to the global popularity of digital currencies, these problems quickly became deeper, and the current transaction time is often about 10 minutes. Recently, many bitcoin transactions are not confirmed even in a couple of days. However, there is a huge target market for many different industries that can use cryptocurrency. Corporations will be able to transfer some of their operations to blockchain technology. CREDITS distinguishes the following target markets: banks, financial companies and services, other projects based on blockchain, loans and deposits. The idea of creating and subsequent implementation of this project appeared in early 2016, after passing through several work stages. Now the team has the product, which will soon be able to radically affect the balance of power in the cryptocurrency market.

The project roadmap includes many ambitious stages. In addition to the ICO starting Feb 1st 2018, team planned to launch The Alpha version of the platform. The pre-ICO period finished on Dec 26th 2017 and had a huge success. In a short time, hard cap was reached and more than $3 million was collected. In January the platform will provide open access for the first users. And in February planned listing on the exchanges. A full version will be prepared and new services added by June, 2018. The speed of the service development is really high, because many analogs hasn’t even a ready concept. This inspires optimism and hope for a full release of the platform with all the financial capabilities and technical innovations.

As I mentioned before, ICO starts on February 1st and end February 28th, 2018. The total number of issued tokens is 1 000 000 000 (equivalent to 200 000 ETH). The starting exchange rate of the CREDITS currency will be 1 ETH to 5000 (CS). For a set period of the ICO it is planned to collect about $20 million (hard cap). All proceeds will go to a development stages, which will allow integrating many technical innovations into the project itself.

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