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Blackmoon’s Crypto Strategies Thriving Amongst the Market Bloodshed

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Following the recent “bloodshed” that the crypto market is facing at the moment, Blackmoon announced today that its innovative investment strategies are not only surviving but thriving. The strategies have experienced double-digit returns in ETH in the last 24 hours alone proving that there can be a safe haven for crypto investors in chaotic times.

The main driving force for such an incredible result is the Trend Protection Mechanism, which seeks to reduce the downside risk by switching portfolio holdings between crypto and cash depending on the market conditions. In the last 24 hours, the strategy anticipated the market downturn and the algorithm converted crypto to cash and prevented the portfolios from plummeting:

Sergey Vasin, COO of Blackmoon — “Portfolios with built-in trend protection performed exceptionally well. The best thing about Blackmoon’s innovative investments is the fact that everything is fully automated and requires no action either from the investor, or from Blackmoon. We are not content with these achievements and we will continue to establish new standards in the field by constantly developing investment opportunities for the users of our platform.”

Stay tuned for further updates as new options will be appearing in all of our product lines!

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